27 Principles Every Investor Should Know

A captivating series of investment principles that are critical to your investment success. These easily digestible, short videos are a superb way to start building great investment habits in your life and the lives of friends and family!

Successful Investing Starts With a Plan!

Start Investing as Early as You Can!

Invest for the Long Term!

Investing Is Hard — Get Help From a Trusted Advisor!

Know the Difference Between Advisors and Salespeople!

Put Science and Academic Research on Your Side!

Don’t Try to Pick Individual Stocks!

Don't Try to Predict Markets!

Invest as if Markets Are Efficient!

If You Can't Beat The Market, OWN The Market!

Past Performance Is No Indication of Future Results!

Risk Is the Price of Admission to Investing!

Understand How Risk and Return Are Related!

Unnecessary Risks Are Unnecessary!

Invest Globally!

Retirement Success Depends More on Lower Volatility Than Higher Returns!

Average Returns Can Be Misleading!

Plan for Inflation!

Your Behavior Can Impact Your Success!

Don't Turn a Temporary Loss Into a Permanent Decline!

Sometimes the Best Thing to Do Is Nothing!

Invest Regularly: Disciplined Investors Catch Unexpected Opportunities!

Plan for the Unexpected!

Taxes Matter: Don't Pay More Than You Need To!

Fees and Expenses Matter: Don't Pay More Than You Need To!

Be an Investor, Not a Speculator!

Have an Investment Philosophy and Stick to It!

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